Quantum Leap

math and physics afterschool enrichment program

"Where Math Counts & Physics Matters"

  1. Math Department:
    • Magic Math (pre-K), (one and a half hours/week)
    • Primary Math (K-6), (two hours/week)
    • Junior Math (7-8), (two hours/week)
    • Advanced Math (9-10), (four hours/week)
    • Calculus AP (11-12), (four hours/week)
    • Math Boot Camps:
      SAT I (12-week course), (six hours/week)
      SAT II (12-week course), (six hours/week)
      Calculus (12-week course), (six hours/week)
  2. Science Department:
    • Easy Physics (4-6), (two hours/week)
    • Everyday Physics (7-8), (two hours/week)
    • Physics In-Depth (9-10), (two hours/week)
    • Physics AP (11-12), (four hours/week)
    • Physics Boot Camps:
      SAT II (12-week course), (six hours/week)
      AP Physics (12-week course), (six hours/week)